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RIGHT extended
The EC granted an extension of the RIGHT project until M54 (June 2009). This opens up the possibility of six more months of exiting research.

RNAi – The RIGHT track to therapy
The final RIGHT symposium took place in Brussels at the International Auditorium from 3 – 5 November 2008.
The aim of this symposium was to give the audience insights into the immense potential of RNA interference for therapeutic approaches in order to foster the development of RNAi-based therapeutics. In addition, this symposium should provide a platform for presenting achievements made in the RIGHT consortium during the last four years.
With 26 speakers and about 150 registered participants the symposium was a big success. The talks were of excellent quality, especially the talk of John Mattick on “The human genome as an RNA machine” which impressed everybody. Also during the breaks and the poster session the discussions were very vivid. The biggest criticism we heard was the lack of bread during the reception on the first evening. Other criticisms concerned the weather and the quality of the coffee. Sorry for that, we try to get some sunshine next time.

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