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The RIGHT project aims at exploiting the vast potential of RNA interference (RNAi) for human therapy, based on an advanced understanding of the underlying mechanisms. Based on the knowledge of gene sequences playing their role in diseases, RNAi molecules that specifically down-regulate the expression of dysfunctional genes can be generated, thus enabling a targeted therapy.
RIGHT combines the strengths of synergistic competence domains to reach this ambitious goal and overcome key technological barriers such as undesired interferon response and insufficient delivery, stability and targeting of RNAi to the appropriate cells. Rational and selective approaches will be taken to generate efficient RNAi reagents. Strategies will be developed for efficient delivery to cells and tissues of diseased organisms. Delivery strategies will include chemically synthesised siRNA (small inhibiting RNA) and vector based gene therapy approaches using shRNA (small hairpin RNA). The use of cell biology and disease models will then allow addressing their function and effectiveness for the treatment of representative diseases.
The RIGHT partnership of leading research institutions and biotech SMEs will deliver tools such as new enabling technologies, chemically synthesised and genetically generated inhibitors with efficient delivery properties. Within 4 years the potential of RNAi to diagnose and successfully treat severe unvanquished diseases will be demonstrated and proof of principle provided for the value of RNAi as a therapeutic tool in living organisms.

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Press release 27.01.2005:

RNA-Interference as new opportunity for the therapy of severe diseases: European Commission invests 11 million Euros

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Pressemitteilung 27.01.2005:

RNA-Interferenz als neue Chance für die Therapie schwerer Erkrankungen: Die EU investiert 11 Millionen Euro

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